Mayur Floorings Limited has emerged as a notable Manufacturers and Exporters of an extensive collection of Marble Tiles, Sandstones, Granite Tiles and Cobblestones. Based in India, the company is engaged in bringing forth an exquisite collection of Marble and Granite Tiles. Our offered Black Granite Tiles, Sandstones and Cobblestones are in huge demand among clients all over the country. We have become a notable White Marble Manufacturer in the market as we always believe in bringing out the best quality products. These tiles and sandstones are in compliance with the set quality standards. Contact our team at the earliest to get premium products at pocket-friendly prices.


Extensively used for architectural purposes, our Marble Tiles are available in various sizes and designs. Our large assortment of Marble Tiles includes Milky White Marble Tiles, Purple Marble Tiles, Dark Green Marble Tiles, Paloda Pink Marble Tiles, Rainforest Green Marble Tiles, Black Gold Marble Tiles, Wine Red Marble Tiles, and Rainforest Brown Marble Tiles. Marble Tiles, offered by us, are perfect to enhance the beauty of the floors of homes, offices and other places. Highly appreciated for long lasting life and fine finishing, our Marble Tiles are in huge demand. Today, we are well reckoned as one of the key Marble Tiles Manufacturers and Exporters from India.


Granite is a common and widely-occurring group of intrusive felsic igneous rocks that form at great depths and pressures under continents. Granite consists of orthoclase and plagioclase feldspars, quartz, hornblende, biotite, muscovite and minor accessory minerals such as magnetite, garnet, zircon and apatite. Rarely, a pyroxene is present. Ordinary granite always carries a small amount of plagioclase, but when this is absent the rock is referred to as alkali granite. An increasing proportion of plagioclase feldspar causes granite to pass into granodiorite. A rock consisting of equal proportions of orthoclase and plagioclase plus quartz may be considered a quartz monzonite. A granite containing both muscovite and biotite micas is called a binary granite. The average density is 2.75 g/cm3 with a range of 1.74 to 2.80.

All the above said features formulate our Granite Tiles, which assure that our tiles are completely pure. The range of our Granite Tiles includes Absolute Black Granite Tiles, Tan Brown Granite Tiles, Black Galaxy Granite Tiles, Amba White Granite Tiles, Lakha Red Granite Tiles, Rosy Pink Granite Tiles, and Jhansi Red Granite Tiles. Our Granite Tiles are widely acknowledged in the market for their optimum quality. Moreover, the credit that our tiles receive has made us count amidst the leading Granite Tiles Manufacturers and Exporters from India.


We are a well-known Sandstones Manufacturers, Exporters from India. The wide assortment of our Sandstones comprises of Teakwood Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone, Agra Red Sandstone, Dholpur Beige Sandstone, Gwalior Mint Sandstone, Autumn Brown Sandstone, Kandla Grey Sandstone, and Raj Green Sandstone.

Sandstones are the arenaceous sedimentary rocks, composed mainly of feldspar and quartz and varies in colour (in a similar way to sand), through grey, yellow, red, and white. Since sandstones often form highly visible cliffs and other rock formations, certain colours of sandstone may be strongly identified with certain regions. For instance, much of the American West is well-known for its red sandstones.

Color Sandstone is often relatively soft and easy to work which therefore make it a common building and paving material.

Rock formations that are primarily Sandstone usually allow percolation of water, and are porous enough to store large quantities, making them valuable aquifers. Fine grained aquifers, such as Indian Sandstone Manufacturers, are more apt to filter out pollutants from the surface than are rocks with cracks and crevices such as lime stones or other rocks fractured from seismic activity.


Kota Stone is a limestone and famous for its low price and beautiful colors. People like Kota stones due to its charming appearance and long life. Kota stone has unique properties that make it 1st choice for builders. We offer export quality Kota Stone Slabs, Blue Kota Stone, Kota Limestone Polished Tiles, Kota Stone Covings , Full Size Kota Stone Blocks, and Brown Kota Limestone in yellow shade.

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